Being Present During a Renovation

Being Present During a Renovation

Most of us will want to take a vacation, rent or stay in a hotel while our home is under renovation. Who wants to put up with the dust and noise that comes with breaking walls, removing old paint and repainting a fresh coat? Besides, there is a lot of satisfaction that comes from a relaxing vacation to coming back to a home that looks as good as new. An interior designer can create a whole new vision for your house.


Some factors may impact on the decision whether to stay or move out of a home that’s under renovation. For example, if the renovation involves changing the entire roof, you may be forced to move out. If the remodelling targets the bathroom, the kitchen, or a single room in the house, then staying around may not be as uncomfortable. Apart from the notion of how much of the house is being renovated, are there any benefits in being present during the renovation? Here are 5 key reasons being around during a renovation is important.


You avoid a double expense

Giving your home a new look comes with heavy financial implications. If you have to rent a place to live in for months or pay a hotel for the entire time of the remodelling work, you will have to pay an additional expense. Staying around may be uncomfortable, but it definitely saves you a considerable amount of money. This money can even be put towards your new renovation.


You can supervise the pace and quality of work

While the contractor will bring in a person that oversees the renovation project, the presence of the owner becomes extra supervision of the overhaul. You will keep track of the renovation work and closely communicate with the contractor about any arising issues. If you are absent from the site, the renovators may dismiss any unimportant minor alterations in the contract details, which may mean a lot for you as the owner.


Following the renovation equips you for future minor repairs

If you are on-site when renovations are done, you can easily follow how each part of the house is remodelled and such details may serve to make minor repairs easier in the future without needing to call the renovators.


You get to enjoy each completed milestone of the renovation

When the remodelling of a part of the home is complete, you see its new look for the first time and that can give a sense of fulfilment and the reassurance that the rest of the work is going to be just as precise. In other words, you experience the joy of seeing your dream of a renewed home gradually becoming a reality.


You better appreciate the completed job

In a couple of weeks or months when the renovation process is complete, narrating to a visitor the details of the overhaul can give you a sense of joy. You stop to consider the precise details that were put into the work and the stress and struggles that were experienced. All that comes with a sense of joy and satisfaction at the thought of the amazing outcome that was achieved in the end.


Staying around during a renovation can be hectic considering the discomfort that one has to put up with. In spite of that, being present during the renovation allows the owner to cross-check quality and progress and at the same time instils a sense of satisfaction in being part of the work and its success. You may even learn from your home interior designers along the way and pick up tips and tricks to make your house look stylish.