Complete Home Makeover: Backyard Edition

Complete Home Makeover: Backyard Edition

There are plenty of ways to be creative when it comes to a home makeover. The ideas are endless. The best place to start is your backyard. 

Here we provide a few tips on how you can create a home makeover all in your backyard:

Refreshed decking

renovating your backyard and deckDo you have a verandah that you don’t really like? Many people’s decking needs a woodclean to be restored. Maybe it is shabby and looking frail. Don’t worry. There is no need to rip it all out and start again. Chances are that the overall structure is still in good shape. If they are, then you can just add a coat of traditional timber oil, build a set of stairs and add some modern railing. Doing so will spare you lots of money over the cost of completely rebuilding.

Having a deck is a good way to draw adults and kids outside. Decks can be attractive and spacious. You can have it featuring large pots, greenery and flowers to create a nice atmosphere. Having a versatile railing system allows you to combine solid panels if you want extra privacy and have a few open sections for cool breezes and views. Framing the decking with a pressure-treated wood is a good idea as it will last for decades. Consider covering the framing with wood or plastic compound flooring with aluminium posts and fibre cement siding. This will make for a great deck that requires little maintenance and the occasional clean.

Affordable pathways

Everyone needs a pathway in their backyard. Gravel is the easiest thing to handle and very affordable. It works great for pathways and is soft under your feet. Gravel is strong enough to handle things like a loaded wheelbarrow or washing trolley. It may look informal to some, but it can be complemented with a formal garden and some stone border edging.

A sloped site for stairs

Installing some stone steps in your backyard can be hard but doable. You will need to figure out how many step risers you will need. The gentle slopes require you to have short risers and long treads while going for steep slopes which will require taller risers. If your hill has sharp and gentle slopes, then consider breaking it up into different sections so you can calculate the step layout separately for each different area.

Tips for a side yard makeover

  • There is no need to spend significant amounts of money to have concrete poured down the sideway. Consider using rocks or steppers to fill in the area. Places like Bunnings have cheap DIY pavers in different shapes and sizes. Due to the narrow space, large amounts of grass will have trouble growing in that spot. Consider throwing some rocks down to fill in the area and clean it up.
  • Try and go for hardy plants. Succulent gardens work well for the side of the house. Succulents don’t require much water so good for the times when you forget to water around the side of your home. Succulents can grow from cuttings and often friends or family will have cuttings that you can plant in your garden.
  • Many people prefer to have plants along their fenceline. If you want to go for this look, then consider getting a vine. Jasmine and bamboos look good and grow lush and beautiful really fast. The only problem is that they will lose leaves now and again. Yucca’s are hardy but will grow huge and can be hard to remove if you change your mind.

The key is that you can be creative! The possibilities are endless.