Maintaining Your Deck In Summertime

Maintaining Your Deck In Summertime

Like any other natural substance, great-looking wood does not turn out to be great when placed on exterior structures such as decks.

If you have a wooden deck, it is best to dye and seal it before you wash it and make necessary repairs. Keeping your outdoor deck clean in summer helps ensure the quality of your outdoor deck, as potential damage from the sun can occur. By cleaning the deck and applying clear decking oil in addition to stain sealants, the deck is protected from weather damage and harsh UV rays.

You should also clean the deck at the beginning of the summer season to remove mildew, leaf rot and stains to refresh the deck for the coming outdoor entertainment season. While regularly sweeping your deck will make it look nice, a thorough cleaning will make a big difference from time to time. If you work with a small wooden deck, you can use simple household solutions such as warm soapy water for cleaning. It is important to research what the best products for deck protection are, prior to any DIY application

In addition to cleaning and discoloring your deck in winter, you also need to check your deck boards to see if something is loose, warped or rotten that no one has repaired or replaced. Plan an annual deck inspection and be sure to monitor loose boards, curved nails, loose screws, split boards, cracks, rotting wood, mold and other areas in need of repair. Wood-specific deck linens available at your local hardware store are great, but if your deck requires deeper cleaning, a simple cleaning solution works just as well for your home.

Dog on DeckThis is also the time of year when you should consider tinting or sealing your deck when the weather is good. Once you’ve done all the maintenance your deck needs, it’s time to make it comfortable and look great. It is important to¬†maintain your deck in good condition so that you can enjoy it during the summer and the years to come.

After each drop of water, you will have to sand the wood, wash it with electricity and use a detergent when it is ready. This type of maintenance has advantages beyond next spring, but it is especially important if you have a barbecue deck or use a barbecue in winter, as navigating a snowy deck can be dangerous without stumbling over loose boards or nails. If you sit around with moisture, the wood can cause damage over time, so protect your deck by keeping it as dry as possible.

If you are looking for maintenance-free deck options, you should replace your old wooden deck with a new plastic or composite deck. The new deck must be cleaned from time to time minimally, including removing surface dirt with warm soapy water and using a stiff bristle brush or broom to remove oils, food stains, etc. When the wood dries, too much stain can accumulate on the surface, leaving you with a sticky deck that will flake off next year.


High-pressure cleaning with a shovel or cover board is against the grain of the wood, and the use of a plastic shovel or broom is more likely to cause damage to the cover surface. Decks look better when their cleaners can remove stains, dirt and mould. For most people, the first thought when we talk about deck maintenance is to seal the stained wood.

Floor cleaners quickly remove dirt and stains and, depending on the product, can brighten the wood, prevent long-term algae growth and eliminate weathering and graying of the surface. With a high-pressure cleaner, environmentally friendly deck cleaners can remove deck stains and brighten wood without posing a toxic hazard. Wooden decks can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner that consumes no more than 500-600 psi.

If you’re looking for a detergent that works on a variety of outdoor surfaces, including wooden decks, try 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner by Before sealing your deck, make sure you use the right product for the right wood. Find the most common signs that your deck needs electricity and how to prepare it for stains to keep it looking good all summer long.

You may have heard that an effective seal can cause water to pear on your cover surface, and while wax and additional stains can create an initial water pearl effect, a good stain will protect your wood when the water pearl effect subsides. The easiest solution is to use a little wood cleaner or cover oil to protect your deck from further sun damage. Layers of grey or oxidised cover stain can also be removed when a new stain penetrates the wood and is applied.

The seal is ideal for decks because it preserves the natural appearance of the wood and protects it from water and sun damage. Most composite decks have no problem with chipboards, but wooden decks are important when winter comes. Over time the deck can warp and split, and although at first, this is not a major problem, as more boards split and the splits grow bigger, the structural integrity of the deck can be put into question.

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