What Timber Says About Your Style? 

What Timber Says About Your Style? 

High-quality, high-value solid timber furniture and design must be the first choice for many who pursue high-end home improvement. Not only because the wooden elements visually make space elegant and give a natural look, but also feel very comfortable in daily life.


The timber Mahogany is expensive and used in high-end furniture. Because the colour is darker, most of them are maroon, sauce red, or even purple, with a strong classical flavour. With the addition of carving craftsmanship, it presents a distinctive traditional style. People who like to have old-fashioned furniture with dark shades mostly prefer mahogany, its durability makes it a buy for the logical customer who believes in their comfort and does not go with the trend. As many as 33 species of wood such as rosewood, ebony, rosewood, wenge, and red sandalwood are collectively referred to as mahogany.


Pine furniture is the first choice of many people who pursue natural timber colour, and it is cost-effective. Daily maintenance is not too picky, as long as the sun is strictly protected and the air humidity is controlled, it is still relatively durable. Furniture made of Pine timber is colonial and artwork pieces, people who are deeply interested in decorating their place with an aesthetic style would prefer Pine for the furniture. Pine is also used in interior and exterior designs. The use of pine timber battens are trending in design and construction.

Common raw materials for pine furniture are Masson pine and Pinus sylvestris, especially Pinus sylvestris. The wood grain is very soft and unregulated, and scarring is relatively small. Most of the pinewood is environmentally friendly material, and with its mild colour, it is especially suitable for children’s furniture.


Using Oak for your furniture shows that durability matters to you the most, Oak as furniture is strong and heavy, and the most amazing is that it is antifungal, and hence used by those people that not only consider for the look but also it will be the most practical decision. Oak can also be used in the design of a beautiful timber feature wall for your home. You should consider oak for your next building project.

The white oak used in the furniture has a gentle yellowish colour after the transparent paint, coupled with the natural and durable texture, the plasticity is very high. It is not only suitable for wild European style but also suitable for natural and calm Japanese style. However, the colour difference between white oak products is relatively large. The overall tone of red oak is slightly pink, but it has superior colourability, and has better permeability, can fully absorb preservatives and flame retardants, and is very suitable for furniture materials.

Timber battens reflect style

Walnut Timber

People who prefer to give their furniture a royal look, with a touch of modernized interiors would go with the Walnut Timber Walnut is mainly produced in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Walnuts from different origins have slightly different shades. Walnuts produced in the United States are also called Black Walnut because of their dark chocolate with purple. So using Walnut wood furniture shows your inclination towards a westernized and royal shaded look for the furniture.

The colour is deep and stable, the grain of the timber is bold and grand, the texture is fine, the gloss is moderate, the material is medium to hard, strong toughness, vibration resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance, and durability.

Ash Timber

Ash is mainly grown in North America and parts of Europe. Brushing varnish or white paint can reveal a smooth and gentle wood grain, which is suitable for modern and simple style.

Ashwood is an excellent home furnishing material, especially suitable for decorative lines and fine small woodwork products.

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