These two construction techniques are the latest trends in the industry

These two construction techniques are the latest trends in the industry

Permeable concrete

Overuse or improper design of roads or other concrete structures has taxed municipal sewer systems and forced local authorities to spend valuable public resources on runoff mitigation.

Permeable or porous concrete utilizes bigger stones and less sand. It’s equally as strong as conventional concrete but contains between 15 per cent and 20% empty space.

The concrete allows rainwater to seep down into the ground as it usually would instead of pooling or operating off.

That is shown to take the load off municipal sewer systems, extending their lifetime, conserving fixing expenses and eliminating the need for expensive upgrades.

Virtual reality / Augmented reality

Building companies have started using VR/AR technology to boost worker safety instruction. It helps employees to visualize what they’re learning instead of only studying it in a booklet.

That strengthens how severe construction site hazards can be and has made worksites safer.

Businesses also use programs that tie VR/AR technology to their own BIM software. This allows owners and contractors to do virtual walkthroughs of a structure long before it is complete.

That allows owners to make more informed design decisions earlier in the building process, saving time and cutting costs.


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