Historical architecture plus a brief history of buildings

early cave dwellings

People have been building houses and structures for centuries. Historical buildings provide us with clues to the cultural and spiritual motives of individuals who assembled before us.

We have heard of so-called cave dwellers, and there is certainly plenty of evidence that early people made use of obviously shaped areas such as caves. We do not know just when people first began assembling their own shelters since the easiest structures, stalls, bivouacs and accessible huts made from sticks and leaves, do not leave a trace. What we understand is pretty much based on supposition and celebrating how nomadic individuals still reside in distant areas of the planet.

There is, however, a lot of signs of the building, and lots of preserved structures remain in the Georgian age or New Stone Age. From pit huts constructed mainly of large bones into artificial islands called crannogs, we had been building constructions to shield us from the elements, predators, along with other men and women.